Time for an upgrade.

Have you considered tankless water heating?
Converting from tank-style to on-demand water heating isn’t difficult or overly costly, and the energy savings quickly recovers the investment. These innovative systems are about the size of a compact suitcase and mount either indoors or out, freeing up valuable space. There’s no bulky tank to possibly rupture and cause flooding. There’s no continual reheating of water, standby energy losses, or absorption of minerals from sitting in the tank. The water heats as needed, so you don’t need to wait for it to warm up and you’ll never run short of it.

Efficient Tankless Water Heater Installations & Service

Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning can help you decide if tankless water heating is the right choice for your household. We match specific demand to the ideal water heater, and recommend only proven reliable options. Whether you’re looking into conversion, replacement, maintenance, or repair, our fully licensed professionals are prepared for the job. We offer timely, affordable, and expert services across Miami Gardens, FL and surrounding areas, taking every opportunity to keep your expenses at a minimum while maintaining unmatched integrity of job performance. For all of your tankless water heating questions, concerns, or needs, simply call Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning at (305) 363-7021.