Keep it air tight.

Your duct system is responsible for moving hot and cold air throughout your home. Leaky, inefficient ducts force the HVAC system to work longer and harder to achieve ideal temperature, leading to higher costs, energy waste, issues with air quality, and discomfort. At Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning, we solve these problems with a complete range of professional ductwork services in Miami Gardens, FL and surrounding areas. Call us at (305) 363-7021 to schedule a convenient time for duct inspection and sealing. Our NATE, OSHA, and EPA certified technicians evaluate the duct system, identify any problem areas, and handle all work without damage or disruption to your home.

Expert Duct Sealing Service

If you’re dealing with rooms that are difficult to heat or cool, fluctuating temperature throughout the house, lengthy HVAC running times, excessive dust, unpleasant smells, or an increase in your utility bills, you can probably blame your ductwork. Holes, flaws, or leaks in the seams allow conditioned air to escape before it reaches the intended destination. If the ducts are located in an unconditioned space, such as the attic, you could be sacrificing hundreds of dollars annually. Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning specializes in duct sealing, effectively restoring peak operation. We offer punctual and affordable services and a 100% guarantee on all of our work.