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Commercial HVAC controls offer convenience, time-savings, financial benefits, and facilitate the operation of essential systems.
With smart commercial HVAC controls, you enjoy exceptional energy savings without constant input. While older thermostats are restricted to turning the system on and off, leading to wear and tear, WiFi thermostats feature electronic sensors. These sensors do the work for you, providing for consistent temperature by determining occupancy and sending signals to valves and dampers. Call on Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning to potentially increase system efficiency by 10 to 40%.


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Modern HVAC controls allow for complex scheduling, welcoming your employees to ideal temperature, making energy saving adjustments shortly before everyone leaves, and accommodating weekends, holidays, daylight savings time, and altering patterns during the work week. Advanced climate control caters to independent zones, with varying usage and changes throughout the day. Plus, smart HVAC controls can integrate with lighting and a wide variety of building systems from a single interface. You can also take advantage of alerts when essential HVAC equipment requires attention, helping to avoid malfunction, safety risks, and downtime. The system can even automatically notify Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning, and depending on the issue, we can often resolve the problem through remote access.

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Gathering data is always helpful. Analyzing HVAC usage, energy consumption, and performance of equipment encourages superior efficiency, reliability, and longevity. Modern commercial controls and WiFi thermostats offer the information you need to create useful analytics. If you’re thinking of upgrading to smart technology, give Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning a call at (305) 363-7021. We offer unrivaled HVAC services, vast product selection, and a 100% guarantee on all of our work. Drawing from more than 25 years of dedication in Miami, FL and surrounding areas, we complete same-day installation.

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