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What if Rain Gets Inside My Air Conditioner?

Should you be worried about your air conditioner if a storm comes up? Florida weather can be dangerous with the flooding rains and high winds. Will any of that affect your AC unit?

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The Effect of Rain on an Air Conditioning System

If rain falls into your air conditioning unit, there is no need to be worried. AC units are made to withstand heavy rain, high wind, and even hail. A regular storm will have no effect on a properly functioning unit.

What Weather Effects can Damage my AC?

If your unit stays on the ground level, floodwater can and will damage your air conditioner. The design of an AC unit is not made to work in standing water. The easiest way to avoid this risk is to elevate your unit above ground level.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Ready to Perform in Any Weather

Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning can assist you in preparing your AC unit for the elements. Our experts will provide you with professional maintenance and advice. Contact us for more information on AC maintenance, or any other question you may have!