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What's the Cost of a UV Light Installation in Miami, FL?

UV light

Freezing Mechanical installs best-in-class UV lights from Reme Halo.

In Miami, Florida, the cost of a UV light installation varies between $350 and $700+, with most homeowners spending an average of $450.

UV lights are great for eliminating household odors, killing bacteria and viruses, and other benefits. They’re also perfect for combatting high humidity in southeast Florida, where HVAC systems are prone to mold and mildew.

So, if you want to breathe cleaner, healthier air, we definitely recommend installing a UV light in your Miami home!

To help you understand what goes into the cost of a UV light installation, let’s review key cost factors:

Looking for an exact quote?

Schedule a UV light installation estimate with Freezing Mechanical. For just $85, we’ll send one of our NATE-certified technicians to inspect your home’s HVAC system, learn about your air quality preferences, and then provide a customized quote for your UV light installation. We'll even waive the diagnostic fee if you choose to hire us for the job! Call (305) 363-7021 or schedule an appointment online today.

The Type of UV Light You Install

There are two different types of UV light cleaners. One purifies the air inside your air ducts, and another cleans your AC’s evaporator coils. Depending on your needs and budget, you can install one or the other, or both. Just know that if you install both types, your costs will increase.

Air Sterilizing

UV light air sterilizers tend to be more expensive than coil sterilizers.Why? Because they’re more powerful. They need to have enough wattage to clean all of the air flowing through your ductwork, and that’s no small feat!

Placed inside your AC’s return air ducts, the UV light bulbs will sanitize the air getting pulled into your AC before it’s cooled. That way, your AC is cooling clean air, and you don’t end up with dirty air passing over your evaporator coils. Since dirty evaporator coils can lead to mold growth, this is a win-win!

The downside of air sterilizing UV lights is that they must be monitored closely. If you don’t swap them out when a replacement is due, your air quality will be greatly reduced. Moreover, they can be difficult to maintain, since your HVAC technician will need to access your air ducts, which could be difficult to reach.

Coil Sterilizer

Coil sterilizers are one of the most common UV lights installed in Miami homes. They are less expensive than air sterilizing versions and incredibly effective at zapping any bacteria or viruses (like toxic mold spores) that pass over your AC’s coils.

High humidity is a big problem here in Southeast Florida. Your AC will naturally reduce some humidity in the air, but not all– and that’s when mold becomes a problem. Over time, your AC’s evaporator coils may develop mold spores, so when air passes over the coils, it will then carry that mold throughout your home.

To remedy this problem, an HVAC technician can install a UV light directly on top of your AC’s evaporator coils. This way, any airborne bacteria gets zapped before it has a chance to spread.

Coil sterilizing UV lights come in single or dual lamp versions and must be replaced periodically. However, they tend to be less expensive (and less timely) to replace, which makes them a more economical choice for homeowners.

Modifications to Your HVAC System

UV lights are relatively straightforward to install, but if you need any modifications to your HVAC system, your costs will go up.

For example, if your air ducts have holes or tears, it’s not worth installing a UV light because all the sanitized air will escape to unconditioned spaces. You’ll need to pay for your air ducts to be repaired or replaced in addition to your UV light installation.

Similarly, if your AC system is severely damaged or outdated, you may need a brand new replacement. Older ACs have reduced capacity, so they can’t dehumidify as much air. This means your UV lights will have to work much harder to clean your air, which isn’t a cost-effective solution. Rather than installing UV lights, you may benefit more from an upgraded cooling system.

At Freezing Mechanical, we provide comprehensive UV light installation estimates, complete with a full diagnostic of your existing HVAC system. We won’t just review pricing with you, we’ll also share our expert recommendations for how you can get the cleanest air possible, and at a price that works for your budget. Call us today (305) 363-7021 and see why Miami-Dade residents have trusted us for more than 25 years.

The Contractor You Hire

Lastly, the contractor you hire to install your UV lights will greatly impact your overall costs.

Some homeowners opt for a DIY installation to save a bit of money, but we don’t recommend it. Your HVAC system is a complex and expensive investment that deserves to be protected by trained professionals. It can take Freezing Mechanical’s NATE-certified pros up to four hours to install UV lights correctly, so if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be both time-consuming and potentially dangerous.

When searching for a trustworthy UV light installer, we recommend looking for one that has:

  • Proof of licensing and insurance

  • More than 10 years of experience

  • Proven track record of 5-star reviews

  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Written, upfront pricing estimates

Call Freezing Mechanical and Get Upfront Pricing for a UV Light Installation Today.

We’ll help you find a UV light system to meet your needs and budget. Estimates are just $85, which we’ll waive if you choose to hire us for the installation!

Serving Miami-Dade and Broward counties for more than 25 years, the NATE and OSHA-certified experts at Freezing Mechanical will guarantee your best possible experience. Call us at (305) 363-7021 today and see why we’ve earned more than 500 5-star reviews from happy customers!