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Should I Hurricane Proof My Air Conditioner?

With Hurricane Matthew quickly approaching, it’s important to take the necessary steps to hurricane-proof your home. But while homeowners tend to know the basics of preparing for a severe storm, many forget a major appliance: their air conditioning systems. Learn four steps you can take to protect your home and your air conditioning system.

Hurricane Proof AC

Preparing Your AC For A Storm:

Remove Debris: During a hurricane or storms with high winds, toys, patio furniture and anything outside can blow around your yard. If a heavy object strikes your condenser unit it can cause serious damage and essentially leave your air conditioner inoperable. Before a storm hits, make sure to move heavy objects inside.

Secure the Condenser: The first thing you should do before a storm is to make sure the condenser unit is secure. Rough weather that may cause flooding or high winds can rip your condenser unit from the ground or even cause the ground underneath it to become unlevel. Making sure the condenser unit is secure can help prevent this from happening.

Schedule a Maintenance Visit: Maintenance checkups are an easy and convenient way to make sure your system is working efficiently. During your maintenance visit, a technician should complete a full inspection of your system to make sure there are no flaws or broken parts. A maintenance checkup should be conducted on your AC unit at least two times a year, but it’s even more important to get this checkup done before hurricane season.

Invest In a Generator: While it’s a good idea to hurricane-proof your air conditioning system, it’s also wise to have a backup plan. Buying or renting a generator is a great way to ensure that even if a hurricane hits, your family’s comfort and safety will not be compromised.

Protect Your Air Conditioning System During A Hurricane

Don’t forget to protect your air conditioning system, during severe storms or hurricanes. Just a few preventative measures can make all the difference when a big storm hits. To ensure your AC is taken care of, call Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning for any service needed before or after the storm.