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How to keep your air conditioner at peak level for the Fall in Miami

HVAC Mainenance

Due to the actions of human beings, the danger of global warming has been increased. It caused great havoc on our planet, and the temperature of the earth is rising every passing day. People around the world are suffering from the effects of global warming. The major cause of this destruction of the earth’s atmosphere is the machines and devices that we have invented.

To extend the lifespan of the human body and servicing time of the machine might have a lot of the same points. One of them is that they shouldn’t do the overwork. The same things go for machines. There are some cases when machines are being operated for a prolonged period of time. It will result in the wear and tear of the machines.

An air conditioner is a machine that people use in every season. In summer, it is used to make the room or house cool. In the months of winter, air conditioners are used to keep your place warm. In this article, we are going to focus on how you can maintain and do the servicing of the machines on time, specifically the air conditioners. You might have purchased a good air conditioner in a reasonable price. Now it’s time to maximize the service and lifespan of the machine. Here are a few tips on how to keep your AC at peak level for the Fall.

Understand the working of an air conditioner:

It is important to know the working of an air conditioner before knowing about the tips to maintain it. There are three basic parts of an air conditioning unit: the compressor, evaporator, and condenser. The compressor in the air conditioner compresses the cool Freon gas, which results in becoming high-pressured and hotter Freon Gas.

The role of the Freon Gas in the AC is the same as the role of the gasoline in the car, which starts the engine by flowing around the ducts. Freon gas works the same way for the air conditioning unit. As the gas becomes hot, its circulation starts through a set of coils so that its heat could disperse and condense it into the liquid form.

When the Freon gas turns into liquid form, it passes through another passage and ends up in the evaporator. Now the liquid transforms and evaporates into a low-pressure and cold Freon gas. There is another vent that sucks the hot air from the room, and the other vent releases the converted cool air gas in the room.

This is the process of how the cool air is blown into the room and drops the temperature according to the desire. All the process is just a matter of a few minutes and will go on until the room or the building attain the desired temperature that has been set in the thermostat.

Tips to get peak level performance from an air conditioner in the fall:

Let’s have a look on useful tips that can help you get the optimal performance from your air conditioning unit in the fall.

Replace Dirty Filter:

Those who own the AC must check the filters on a regular basis. When you notice that the filters are dirty, you need to change them immediately with the new ones. You can also purchase the new filters in advance to use in the future. This move is recommended by most of the experts because it might happen to you when you are in need of a filter; the store and supermarket in your area might run out of supplies.

The Area Near The AC Unit Must Be Kept Clear From Debris:

The owner of the AC unit must keep the area clear from any kind of debris, such as plants. This is a basic rule that you need to clear the area of 1 meter from all the sides of the main unit of the Air Conditioner. Also, clear the top of the unit as well with at least the area of 3 to 6 feet so that it can run better and give you optimal performance.

Keep The Condensing Unit Clean:

You need to check the condensing unit of AC twice a month so that you can call someone to repair if anything goes wrong. Also, check whether it is clogged or not to resolve the issue immediately. The unit must be cleared on a regular basis if you found any kind of debris. It will also ensure that the clear air is circulating in your house by your air conditioner.

Get A Regular Repair And Maintenance Service Plan:

It is advised to the human that to have a complete medical checkup with your doctor once a year, at least. Just like that, the air conditioning unit you have also need a checkup on a regular basis so that it can give you optimal cooling performance in every season. You need to do the complete checkup of your air conditioning unit every six months or at least one time in a year so that it gives the required results.

Use The AC Unit Only When Needed:

It is advised to use your air conditioning economically. It will only happen when using it whenever it is needed. Give the machine rest and time to cool down to increase its lifespan and get the peak level results. This will surely result in the increase in the performance level and serviceability of your air conditioning unit. You can also save yourself from getting high energy bills when the motor of the unit is not forced to work hard. As a result, saving your money on energy bills will give you a chance to create savings in your pocket.


Despite the reliability, every equipment and machine needs absolute maintenance to work efficiently. For complex home appliances such as air conditioners, at least annual servicing is necessary so that they can give the optimal results. If you follow the tips on how to keep your AC at peak level for the Fall, it will not only increase the lifespan of the AC but also increase your comfort level and make it cost-effective.