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How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

The lifespan of central home air conditioning lasts for 10-15 years. On the other hand, the parts have their own life span and it depends on how you maintain each and every one of them. One major part of the air conditioning unit is the air ducts, though it has a longer life span, it should be maintained regularly and properly.

Air Duct Cleaning

In order for you to start calling the ac cleaners, see visible signs of the following

  • A significant amount of mold can be seen on the surface. It simply means the inside part of the air duct is almost full that it cannot handle any more molds inside.
  • Particles are coming out of the vents. This might be congested with an excessive amount of dust or debris.
  • The foul odor of rodents or insects. Hidden spaces are the home of these tiny creatures, most especially, these spaces are fixed and hard to reach that they make it their own space.

Air conditioning air duct cleaning should be immediately done if you observe any of these. The sign shows that your ac air duct had been disregarded for quite some time and the accumulated particles are already overflowing. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association suggests a schedule of air conditioning air duct cleaning should be 2 years. By this time, various parts of the HVAC were exposed to a certain amount of dirt and dust as well as to extreme heat and cold.

Here are other circumstances to clean your air ducts

  • When you moved into a new home, air conditioning air duct cleaning should be done to avoid the transfer of any contamination or pollution from the previous owners.
  • After building a new home. Most likely, dust and debris have built up during the construction.
  • Having furry pets require you to regularly clean your air ducts in order to prevent fur or any particles from spreading to other parts of the house.

How to choose the best AC air duct cleaning company in Miami?

  • Air conditioning air duct cleaning does not come cheap. Costs range between $400-$1000.
  • Cleaning will take hours to finish. If the job lasts for less than an hour, think twice. Going through the details of cleaning is not as easy as it looks.
  • Ask whether they follow the standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

There are several companies for AC maintenance Miami offering various services for your convenience. Be sure to choose the one that is expert on this kind of field as it is a crucial part of your home. Having a comfortable and controllable temperature inside your house, whether during summer or in winter, should be on top priority especially if you have kids. Plus the clean and breathable air you can live with. Call Freezing Mechanical, their 15 years in service of high-quality repairs, installation and maintenance won’t go wrong by any chance as they are dedicated and very professional.