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How much does the Air Conditioning consume?

Energy Efficient Rating Graph

Air conditioning units are usually working at full capacity on very hot days, therefore we must take into account some aspects so that the electricity bill does not shoot us.

The electricity tariff has become considerably more expensive in recent years, we would even dare to say that it is exorbitant, don’t you think? However, like all household appliances, HVAC equipment has an energy efficiency certificate and the cost can be greatly reduced depending on the system label.

Another way that our air conditioner does not spend too much is to maintain a temperature of between 74°F and 77°F, since the energy savings are very high and where you are going to be cool and comfortable, it is not about to be cold. Obviously you also have to close doors and windows to avoid wasting the energy produced to cool the room.

How much does the air conditioning consume?

Air conditioners vary greatly depending on the brand, the technology used and how it is, but we are going to try to estimate an average cost of 2 kW per hour. As for the time we use it, despite the fact that there are days with unbearable heat and we have it all day, there are others that we are not at home, and we still turn it on for 2 hours with what we are going to estimate about 6 hours a day. We get 12 kW a day.

If we multiply by the 3rd day of a month, it would be 30 days x 12 kW = 360 kW of expenditure per month.

This is a rough estimate, which will decrease considerably the newer your air conditioner is. The better energy rating your air has the less energy expenditure it does.