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How Long Does an AC Last in Florida?

According to Energy Saver, AC units typically last around 15–20 years. Since Florida homeowners use air conditioning year-round, our AC units have a significantly shorter lifespan—more like 8–12 years.

No one wants to replace their AC unit sooner than necessary. If you want to do your best to extend the lifespan of your AC unit, try:

Why do these tips keep your AC running smoother for longer? Keep reading to find out how these simple adjustments can save you money and keep your AC in tip-top condition!

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Purchase the Correct AC Size

By purchasing an AC unit that’s the correct size—not too small, but not too large— you’ll help to prevent unnecessary wear and tear which could lead to an early replacement.

An AC unit that’s too small won’t have the capacity to fully cool your home. As a consequence, it will run constantly to meet your cooling demands. Not only does this increase your energy bills, but the extra long run times will put undue strain on your AC system, leading to potential breakdowns and longterm damage.

On the other hand, extra-large AC units push out a lot of cold air—and fast. When they’re installed in a small space, this cold air can get caught around the unit instead of distributing throughout the home. This can cause your AC’s sensors to register that your home is adequately cooled when it’s not. Your AC unit will shut off prematurely, then turn back on quickly once the air distributes.

This cycle of shutting off and turning back on frequently is called “short-cycling,” and it’s very bad for your AC unit. Persistent short cycling causes a lot of wear on your AC components.

Sizing an AC unit requires an expert assessment of your home’s size, layout, and energy requirements. That’s why it’s important to schedule your AC install with a company you can trust to do a good job. At Freezing Mechanical, all our technicians are Carrier-trained and NATE-certified, so you can have peace of mind you’re getting a correctly sized AC unit installed by an experienced professional.

Repair Leaky Ducts

Your AC ducts carry cooled air throughout your home. If your ducts have leaks, your AC unit has to work harder to cool your home, which decreases its lifespan.

Cooled air can escape through leaking ducts into unconditioned spaces, like attics and crawl spaces, instead of being distributed properly in the home. Because less cooled air is distributed, it takes your AC unit longer to adequately cool your home.

Leaking ducts cause another problem for homeowners—they introduce dirt and dust into your AC system. That’s because air can actually leak into your ducts from dirty spaces, like attics or basements. When this dirt enters your AC system, it can deposit on AC components and cause them to break or malfunction. Dirty air in your AC unit can also aggravate your household’s allergies, which reduces your comfort.

Change Air Filters Regularly

Air Filter

Is your AC’s air filter dirty?

All air being drawn into your AC passes through an air filter, which captures dirt, dust, and debris. When the filter gets clogged, it’s hard for air to pass through. As a result, your AC will go intro overdrive, putting undue strain on the system and thus limiting its lifespan.

For example, reduced airflow can cause your AC compressor to break. In a properly working system, warm air will pass over your AC’s evaporator coils, which house refrigerant lines that absorb heat from the air. The refrigerant then travels to the compressor, where it releases its heat outside. If not enough air passes over the evaporator coil, then the refrigerant in the coil stays really cold. This can cause your evaporator coil to freeze, which can then cause your compressor to break down as well.

Luckily, these issues can be easily avoided through regular air filter maintenance. Energy Star recommends changing your air filter every 3 months at a minimum, and more frequently if you notice it’s dirty.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

The best way to extend the lifespan of your AC unit is to schedule regular maintenance. Maintenance can extend your AC’s warranty and identify minor problems before they become major ones.

During an AC maintenance visit (or “tune-up” as they’re commonly called) HVAC technicians will check your air filters, look for broken, worn, or dirty AC components, review your refrigerant level, and make sure all electrical components are working. Energy Star recommends scheduling maintenance every spring before your AC unit starts getting heavy usage in the hot summer months.

If scheduling an annual AC tune-up is too much to remember, consider joining a preventative maintenance plan. This will guarantee maintenance visits get scheduled and will provide you with priority service and discounted repairs and equipment!

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