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Comparing Carrier Vs Rheem Central Air Conditioners

Carrier vs. Rheem AC Systems

AC systems were considered luxury items in the past, but as the temperature is rising dramatically every year, it has become a necessity in summers. If you are living in some hot region, then you will know the value of a strong air conditioner that keeps on working without the need for much maintenance.

When it comes to HVAC systems, everyone wants to buy the durable but budgeted AC system. No matter how much expert a person is, choosing the right AC brand could be heed. If you are looking for installing a new air conditioner or replacing your AC unit, you have hit the right article.

Rheem and Carrier are two of the top leading brands for the air conditioning system and the choice of many experts all around the country. Both AC units will efficiently cool your home, but cooling is not the only thing that has to be considered when purchasing new units.

As installing new AC units could be a hefty investment, one should be very keen while choosing the right brand and product according to its need. HVAC contractors mostly use Rheem or Carrier because of higher customer satisfaction rate.

Many people think that getting a recommendation from HVAC companies can help them choosing better, which is not always right. Companies pay some best HVAC companies to recommended their brand to get the commission. Research yourself, such as read reviews, get recommendations from your friends to make the best choices.

The following are some points that will help you decide when making a choice between Rheem and Carrier.


Carrier has a really good reputation in terms of quality as compared to Rheem. It is seen in many brands that only the design and body structure of ac units are different, but the internal components are of the same company. But the Rheem and Carrier do not use the same components.

If you are willing to buy the best quality AC then you must have a look on the Carrier side, better in terms of design, cooling, and efficiency, etc. Rheem air conditioners are not so efficient, and the parts break a lot as compared to carrier ACs.

Unlike Carrier air conditioning systems, there is more leakage of pipes and refrigerant happens with Rheem ACs. If you do not often change the AC unit in a year or two, then Carrier will be a better choice here.


When the prices of Rheem and Carrier ACs are compared, Rheem is best at this. Carrier air conditioners are much more expensive, but the Ac worths their value. You should give a try to Rheem air conditioners if you are low on budget. There is no doubt that the best things are always cost more.

If you replace the AC units after one or two years, Rheem will better as it is inexpensive compared to Carrier AC units. If you will not be using the AC unit extensively, then the Rheem deserves a try.


The Rheem AC units come with ten years replacement warranty but do not covers most things that happen to it. Comparatively Carrier units do not have that long-term warranty period but cover most of the repairs and replacements required.

The refrigerant refill can cost hundreds of dollars which is not covered in the warranty; this demands research keenly before buying the product. The customer satisfaction rate of Carrier is much higher as compared to Rheem ACs.

Design and Performance:

In this modern era, a nice design is also very important, along with the performance. As compared to old AC units, new AC units are designed sleeker and attractive to suit the most of home decors.

Both companies, the Rheem and Carrier, are launching new modern looking AC units to fulfil modern needs. Carrier AC units have a good design as well as good performance, but still, the Rheem is the choice of many users in the region.

Without proper installation, an expensive AC unit of Carrier cannot perform at its best. Hiring the best HVAC installation company is also very important to get the best performance of AC units. You will find a cheap unit better if installed properly instead of an expensive but improperly installed unit.

SEER Rating:

For those who are not so acquainted with AC systems, SEER is a government rating Seasonal Energy efficiency ratio during a year. The minimum SEER rating of an AC system lies between 13 to 21. The higher the Seer rating will be, the higher the energy efficiency of a system will be.

Next time you install an HVAC system, ask the dealer for its SEER rating after asking the major specifications. It is just like buying an expensive car that will give you extra miles rather than buying a cheap car which will cost you more every mile.

The economy tier AC of Rheem comes with a seer rating of 16, which is quite reasonable but not the best. Carrier air conditioner units have seer ratings up to 26, which ensure the energy cost saving. The seer rating also depends on the price of the product.


If the AC unit and other parts pertain to its are installed correctly, units will not need much maintenance. As nothing could be said about electronic products, things may get messed up due to fluctuations in power and many other reasons.

When it comes to cleaning, Rheem and Carrier are almost the same. Not only the Carrier and Rheem are the same, but for almost all companies AC units, cleaning is the same. If you are installing AC units through some HVAC contractors, they must ask for a cleaning service in a month or two as the professional will do this task more efficiently.

Unlike Rheem, Carrier parts are harder to get as most parts are specifically designed. The Rheem AC can use off-the-shelf parts which makes it easy to maintain and repair. The Carrier provides customer care takes care of this all stuff no matter the Ac is under warranty or not.

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