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Are Critters Wreaking Havoc On Your HVAC System?

It’s not uncommon for animals, such as birds or squirrels to make their way into your home. Typically animals try to get into your house when there is a bad storm or a significant increase in temperature outside. You definitely do not want an animal to crawl into your HVAC system and die as this may cause harmful diseases, odors, and bacteria within your home. If you find a critter in your HVAC system, follow these steps before it becomes worse!

Turn Off Your Air Conditioner:

If you think an animal is in your AC, turn off your unit! The last thing you want is for an animal to get harmed or die in your unit. They can be very unpleasant to clean out and remove safely.

Contact a Professional

Contact the wildlife or pest control professional. They will help you determine the best way to remove the animal without bringing harm to anyone. It can be extremely dangerous to remove an animal yourself if you don’t know proper techniques or safety precautions. If the animal has a living chance, you definitely don’t want to harm it either.

Trapping the Critter

If the critter is still in your home, you can set up traps around your property. Live traps are easy to place near the vents in your home. Place these near the ductwork and let the animal be captured humanely and removed from your home alive.

Future Prevention

Removing any type of animal from your home is not something you want to do routinely. To prevent this type of thing from happening, locate any easy animal points into your home, such as open vents, and cover them with hardware cloth or a metal grate. You may also want to reconsider or look into removing branches from the trees surrounding your home. Try cutting low hanging branches that help animals get access to your house.

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