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Air conditioning. Tips and tricks for saving in the Miami summer

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With responsible consumption and correct use of the system, you can save up to 30% on the cost of Air Conditioning, without passing heat.

Using energy efficient appliances is always more profitable in the medium and long term.

As with many products, sometimes the cheap ends up being expensive. An air conditioning equipment that is not very energy efficient means greater electrical consumption, so in this case, buying high-efficiency air conditioners, for example of the A +++ rating or a higher SEER, can save up to 60% of energy.

Some tricks to keep energy consumption low in the summer.

A maxim to contain energy consumption is to isolate the room that is being cooled so that the cold is not lost through open doors or windows or any other space through which air escapes.

Remember that in a home, the ideal temperature would be between 74 and 77 degrees in summer. In commercial premises and offices, the air temperature in refrigerated rooms should not be less than 78 degrees. A degree less can increase consumption by about 8%, so maintaining the temperature is very important. Also, it is not good for the body that there is much difference from the outside.

It is even better to leave the air conditioning on at medium temperature, creating a progressive drop in temperature. Starting the appliance with the thermostat too low is not advisable because the machine suffers and increases the expense. Although it takes longer to cool the stay.

In areas with a high percentage of humidity, it is important to pay attention to the humidity control function, to keep it between 40 and 60% with respect to air.

It is important that the air conditioning system is clean, especially the filters. If they do not filter well it will consume more.

If you turn on the air conditioner while using the oven, dishwasher, or microwave and the power never goes out, chances are you have more contracted power than you really need. Reducing it can mean up to 30% savings on the invoice.

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