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Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning: Waste or Worth It?

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Some people may say that cleaning your ducts is a waste of time and money, and may even go so far as to say that you never need to have it done. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Having clean air ducts in South Florida, including Miami-Dade and Broward, is an essential part of maintaining clean air in your home.

Here are just a few of the many reasons having your AC Unit air ducts regularly cleaned is critical to your home’s efficiency and your family’s health.

Alleviate Allergens

Various pollutants, dust and mold can accumulate in your air ducts, making your home’s air more contaminated. This is usually not a huge problem, but if you or someone in your household has a problem with asthma or allergies, then cleaning your ducts is an absolute necessity. Mold and other debris will continue to accumulate in your ducts, causing unpleasant odors and respiratory problems for any member of your house if left untreated.

Save Energy

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Dirty ducts and dirty filters ultimately make your AC or heating unit have to work harder. Working harder often means an increase in energy bills due to the higher output of energy being expended. Higher bills are only part of the problem. Having your unit work harder than it needs to also causes higher temperatures and an increased risk of fire. Although fires happen less frequently, they’re still a cause for concern if a blocked duct is pushing your unit too hard.

Vaminos Vermin!

Often times, mice or insects find solitude crawling through your home’s air ducts. When they do, they leave fecal matter or even die within your ducts. Disease and illness can easily spread if this happens. If your ducts start to emit a foul odor that you suspect is an animal, then you’re probably right. Your best bet for resolution is to have a trained HVAC technician inspect your ducts and eliminate the source of the problem.

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