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5 AC Noises You Should Never Ignore

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At Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning, we have years of experience dealing with central air conditioning issues of all shapes and sizes—from AC repair and servicing residential shutdowns to resolving large commercial system breakdowns. There are certain issues that can wait for professional help and some you may even be able to resolve on your own. However, when some problems arise, you need assistance and you need it immediately. If your home or office’s AC system is making any of the noises listed below, don’t delay. These are noises you shouldn’t ignore.

#1 Hissing or Bubbling Noise

If you hear a hissing or bubbling noise coming from your outside AC condenser unit, this is typically a sign that you have a refrigerant leak on your hands. Refrigerant leaks come from your system’s refrigerant line or evaporator coil, which are located in the copper wires running through to the outside of your home beside the condenser unit.

Refrigerant is essential if you want to cool your home. If you hear a bubbling noise, you will want to call for professional assistance as soon as possible. Don’t attempt to solve the issue on your own, as refrigerant gases are dangerous and can cause serious health problems including poisoning.

7 Common Causes of an AC Refrigerant Leak

  • Leaking Schrader Valve
  • Rusted Heat Pump Accumulator
  • Leaking Indoor/Outdoor AC or Heat Pump Coil
  • Damaged Lines
  • Rusted Filter Dryer
  • Faulty Flare Connections
  • Holes in a Capillary Tube

#2 Buzzing Noise

A loud buzzing or vibrating noise coming from your central air conditioning system most often means there is some type of electrical issue. Call for professional help from an experienced and reliable HVAC company as Freezing Mechanical.

Electrical Components That Cause Buzzing Noises:

Circuit Breakers: A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that protects a circuit from damage. Your AC can trip up your circuit breaker if your system is pulling in more amps than the breaker is rated or designed to withstand. If your air conditioning is tripping up your breaker, common causes include a dirty air filter, debris around your outside unit, motor has shorted, trouble with the compressor or an issue with the circuit breaker itself.

AC Condenser Fan Motor: Your condenser fan is the large fan located inside your outdoor condenser unit. If the AC unit inside your home (the blower) is still blowing air, but the outside fan isn’t turning, you may have a malfunctioning fan motor. This often means the motor is failing and in need of replacement. The fan is responsible for drawing air and removing heat from the AC condenser coils, so your system will not work effectively if your motor has worn out.

Contactor Relay Switch: The contactor (or relay) is the switch that turns on high voltage parts of your outdoor AC unit such as motors and compressors. It’s controlled by the thermostat, so if your indoor and outdoor units are communicating effectively your entire system won’t be able to operate.

Loose Wiring: Loose components in your outdoor compressor unit or wiring could also be the source of a buzzing noise coming from your air conditioning. Call for technician to inspect your system.

#3 Screaming or Screeching Noise

Is your AC making a loud screeching noise? Not only is this an unpleasant noise for you and your family, it’s also a sign that your system needs some professional attention. A screaming noise typically means the issues is coming from one of two places—the fan motor or the compressor.

If the problem is in your fan motor, you’ll hear the screeching noise the entire time your AC is running. This fix includes simply calling an AC repair technicians to replace the fan motor. However, if you only hear the noise when your AC first starts up, the issue most likely lies in the compressor and the motor that operates it. Unfortunately, if this is the case, you will need to replace the compressor. Unless your air conditioner is still under warranty, you may be better off replacing your entire system if your compressor is faulty.

#4 Rattling, Thumping or Banging Noise

If you hear a loud clanking noise coming from your unit, these sounds typically indicate that something has gone awry with your blower assembly or motor. Motor mounts can sometimes come loose, or your blower may be out of alignment. If the sounds become louder when your blower is running, turn your system off immediately. This means something has broken or disconnected entirely. Call a trained tech for inspection and repair.

#5 Repeated Clicking Noises

If your air conditioning system is making a clicking noise when your HVAC units turn on and off, you could have a defective contactor or a relay from some other electrical control. Electrical issues should be left to a professional.

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