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20 Indoor Air Quality Hacks You Need to Know for Your Miami Home

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It’s important to maintain excellent indoor air quality in South Florida including Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach in order to keep your family safe. Here are 20 hacks you can use to clean up indoor air so your home will smell and feel better.

#1 Take it Outside

If you have smokers in the household, ban smoking indoors and have them take their habit outside the house.

#2 Check the Vents

Appliances and vents should vent to the exterior of your home whenever possible.

#3 The Proper Use of Windows

When you want to cycle the air in your home, put a fan in the window blowing out.

#4 Change Air Filters

The air filters should be changed about once a month to ensure they’re working properly and filtering pollutants out of your home’s air.

#5 Invest in Air Cleaners

The EPA recommends using air cleaners to remove allergens and keep your air clean.

Call Freezing Mechanical for Indoor Air Quality Help

There are a number of ways the professionals at Freezing Mechanical can help you improve your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) —air duct cleaning and sealing, UV lamp installation and air filtration products are just a few of the options we offer. Call us today to improve the health and comfort of your family this—and every—season.

#6 High Efficiency Filters

You may vacuum regularly, but be sure that you’re using a EPA filter that will effectively trap the pollutants and keep the air clean.

#7 Go With Steam

Mopping is important to keep the floors clean, and steam mops use nothing but clean water to get the job done without any fumes or dangerous chemicals.

#8 Check the Humidity

High humidity levels lead to increased mold growth, so check the levels to keep them down.

#9 The Radon Test

Protect your family by checking the radon levels in your home. This odorless and colorless gas is more prevalent than you think, and is the leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. Special systems can keep it vented away from your home.

#10 Go Green

By adding houseplants, you can clean your air and add visual appeal to your home. Spider plants and aloe are a few great options.

#11 Keep it Natural

Artificial scents often contain chemicals. Consider natural ways and fragrances to freshen your home.

#12 Timely Garage Exits

Letting the car idle in the garage is bad for your indoor air because the fumes can drift into your living space. Pull the car out immediately and let it warm up outside. You should also pull into the garage so the exhaust is pointing towards the exit.

#13 Switch to Hard Surfaces

Dust mites are in every home, but you can minimize them by trading your plush carpets in for hardwood floors.

#14 Let Dry Cleaned Clothes Breathe

Before putting your freshly dry cleaned clothes in your closet, take the bag off and let them air out in the garage or another safe place.

#15 Expose the Vents

The air conditioner can control humidity, but it will be hampered if the return air vents are blocked. Check furniture placement to avoid this problem.

#16 Clean Regularly

Keep up with your regular cleaning and chores to keep the dust and dirt out of your home.

#17 Curtains and Bedding

The linens throughout your home hold on to dust, so wash the curtains and bedding regularly.

#18 Shoe-Free Zone

Encourage people to take their shoes off to keep dirt and other particles out of your home.

#19 Hidden Areas Matter

Your vents can pick up and harbor pollutants, so have them cleaned annually to reduce this risk.

#20 Burn a Candle

Beeswax candles are known for pulling in toxins while improving the indoor air quality, so pick up a few today.

Clean the air you breathe with these easy tips. Your home will feel more welcoming, and you just may improve your health.